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Why use organics on our lawn and garden?
by Maddy Macedo
published in Natural Awakenings
Spring 2012

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are known to be toxic to humans contributing to cancer, developmental effects, birth defects, reproductive problems, and liver and kidney damage. Children and pets are even more harmed by the toxic effects of synthetic fertilizers because they spend more time closer to the ground and are physiologically more susceptible. They are easily tracked inside the home, readily inhaled and absorbed through the skin. The most harmful aspect of these chemicals comes through skin absorption, not ingestion.

Organic fertilizers eliminate damage to the environment and to human and animal health caused by synthetic chemicals.

Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides destroy the natural beneficial organisms in a healthy lawn or garden ecosystem turning them into “junkies” requiring more and more chemicals to sustain them.

Organic methods focus instead on soil management and long term results, building up nutrients and organisms in the soil in order to make it better able to withstand drought, pests and other common problems. Organics improve the quality of the soil.

Since organics function by building up life in the soil, their payoff is long term and lasting. Synthetic products are instantaneous and must be reapplied more often and in greater amounts for effectiveness. The user of organics will spend considerably less money on lawn care over a 2 year period than the user of synthetics.

Organic products will significantly reduce pests by restoring balance to the soil ecosystem. You will benefit from reduced maintenance in mowing, watering and fertilizing because you will have a naturally stronger and healthier lawn and garden.

Organic methods recreate natures magic by repairing and maintaining soil health, which in turn allows vegetation to thrive in a natural and balanced environment.

The organic approach to landscaping can significantly reduce pollution for everyone. Please choose organic and help contribute to a healthier environment!


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