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Bayside Meadow


Seeds to Trees transformed a sloped site into a beautiful meadow, creating an entire ecosystem for birds and butterflies to thrive. The low-maintenance blend of hardy and drought tolerant perennials and grasses are a visual treat from every window of the house, and stunning up close when strolling down to the dock. The variety of native wildflowers create everchanging, year-round beauty.

A Raised Bed Garden

shade garden

We worked with our client to build a tiered raised bed on a sunny slope for her edible garden, transforming the lawn into a functional space for growing vegetables and herbs for the family. The bench on the front provides a comfortable place to enjoy the garden.

Sustainable Garden Border in Cranston, RI

shade garden

This beautifully curving garden border is one section of an overall landscape designed and installed by Seeds to Trees. It features a Cotinus (Smoke Bush), Heather, Dwarf Blue Spruce, Coryopsis, Sedum, and Curly Willow and annual flowers. We were able to design a border that still provided the owner's dogs with ample yard space, while softening the hard edge of the existing fence.

Formal Walkway


Perennials such as purple sage and red fountain grass bring color and softness to a symmetrical garden walkway. Seeds to Trees considers all aspects of garden design such as height, color palette, existing hardscaping, background colors, and client's personal preferences, to create an environment that the owner will cherish.

A Tranquil Resting Area

fountain and garden

The sound of water instantly transforms any garden area into a relaxing, tranquil space. Seeds to Trees selected a calming mixture of green plantings in a variety of textures to provide a unified and beautiful garden design backdrop.

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